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IP Address Anonymity Type Updated Country/State (City) Registered to transparent proxy Sep-01-2014 Brazil Horizons Telecomunicações e Tecnologia Ltda transparent proxy Sep-02-2014 Brazil Adylnet Telecom transparent Sep-01-2014 Brazil (Belo Horizonte) Global Village Telecom transparent proxy Sep-02-2014 Brazil G G NET - Telecomunicações LTDA EPP transparent proxy Sep-01-2014 Brazil Internet by Sercomtel S.A. transparent Sep-02-2014 Brazil Bracenter Centro Brasileiro de Arm. e Dist. Ltda transparent proxy Sep-02-2014 Brazil Global Village Telecom transparent proxy Sep-02-2014 Brazil (Sobral) Infoway Servicos de Informatica Ltda transparent Sep-01-2014 Brazil SIGMABBS Comercio e Inf por Telep Ltda transparent proxy Sep-02-2014 Brazil (Glória Do Goitá) Oi Internet transparent proxy Sep-01-2014 Brazil Virtua transparent proxy Sep-01-2014 Brazil Global Village Telecom transparent Sep-01-2014 Brazil (Curitiba) COPEL Telecom transparent Sep-01-2014 Brazil S & M Informática Ltda. transparent proxy Sep-01-2014 Brazil Via Nova Telecomunicacoes Ltda transparent proxy Sep-01-2014 Brazil (Rio De Janeiro) Virtua transparent Sep-02-2014 Brazil Maraisa Martin Inigo Cabral - Me transparent Sep-01-2014 Brazil CTBC transparent Sep-01-2014 Brazil Star Conect Telecom Ltda transparent Sep-01-2014 Brazil Digital Design - Servicos De Informatica Ltda high-anonymous Sep-01-2014 Bulgaria Studentski grad transparent proxy Sep-02-2014 Bulgaria Software Company transparent proxy Sep-02-2014 Bulgaria Ultracom transparent proxy Sep-01-2014 Cameroon MTN NS Cameroon high-anonymous Sep-02-2014 Canada (Vaughan) Data Centers Canada high-anonymous Sep-02-2014 Canada Videotron Ltee high-anonymous Sep-02-2014 Canada (Kelowna) RackForce Hosting transparent Sep-01-2014 Canada (Kelowna) Shaw Communications transparent Sep-02-2014 Canada (Cambridge) Fibernetics Corporation anonymous proxy Sep-01-2014 Chile (Santiago) Netup S.A. transparent proxy Sep-02-2014 Chile (Santiago) Telefonica Empresas transparent proxy Sep-02-2014 Chile (Santiago) Entel Chile S.A. anonymous proxy Sep-01-2014 China (Beijing) Unspecified Beijing Shenzhou Greatwall Communicati anonymous Sep-01-2014 China (Guangzhou) China Telecom Guangdong anonymous Sep-01-2014 China (Guangzhou) China Unicom Shenzen network
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