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IP Address Anonymity Type Updated Country/State (City) Registered to transparent Jul-25-2014 Turkey Turkcell Internet transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 Turkey Turkcell Internet transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 Venezuela (Barquisimeto) Corporación Telemic C.A. transparent Jul-25-2014 Venezuela CANTV transparent Jul-25-2014 United States (SC, Kingstree) Spirit Telecom transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 India (New Delhi) Airtel Broadband transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 Brazil Mundivox do Brasil Ltda transparent Jul-25-2014 Colombia Telmex Colombia S.A. high-anonymous Jul-25-2014 United States (NY, Buffalo) ColoCrossing transparent Jul-25-2014 India TATA Communications transparent Jul-25-2014 Russian Federation LTD Elektrosvyaz transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 Nepal SingNet Pte Ltd transparent Jul-25-2014 China (Beijing) China Telecom Beijing transparent Jul-25-2014 China (Hebei) China Unicom Liaoning transparent Jul-25-2014 Brazil Guaiba Telecom transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 Malaysia Maxis Communications transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 South Africa (Johannesburg) NEOTEL transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 Brazil TelecomunicaÇÕes Ltda high-anonymous Jul-25-2014 China (Beijing) China Unicom Beijing transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 Peru (Lima) Telefonica del Peru transparent Jul-25-2014 Venezuela CANTV Servicios, Venezuela transparent Jul-25-2014 Colombia (Bogotá) Digiware S.A. transparent Jul-25-2014 India (Mumbai) RCOM-Static-DIA high-anonymous Jul-25-2014 Taiwan Hoshin MultiMedia Center Inc. transparent Jul-25-2014 Ecuador (Guayaquil) Satnet Gye CM transparent Jul-25-2014 Russian Federation (Nizhnevartovsk) Pride Limited company transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 India (Taramani) Sify Limited transparent Jul-25-2014 Brazil (Rio De Janeiro) Virtua high-anonymous Jul-25-2014 Russian Federation (Tomsk) OJSC Sibirtelecom transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 United States (WA, Seattle) high-anonymous Jul-25-2014 China Guangdong Mobile Communication Co.Ltd. high-anonymous Jul-25-2014 China (Beijing) China Telecom hebei transparent proxy Jul-25-2014 Indonesia PT Telkom Indonesia transparent Jul-25-2014 Indonesia (Jakarta) FASTNET transparent Jul-25-2014 China (Beijing) Hangzhou Alibaba Advertising Co.,Ltd.
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